Over the years, our company has specialised in finding the best solutions for the needs and requirements of our clients.

Honeywell technical service

Official Honeywell technical support service. Inspection, repair, maintenance and calibration of portable gas detectors; you can choose to hire, rent or purchase our detectors.We provide value to our clients with a customised survey of your detectors, thanks to the application of the Honeywell Safety Suit Device software, which allows our technicians to identify any problems and to implement all the solutions.

Systems designed to ensure the controlled delivery of fasteners and accessories, based on the Kanban process

These shelves autonomously manage their fasteners and accessories: through the UHF RFID TAG technology, the replenishment order is automatically generated by simply placing the empty drawer on the upper shelf; we have a management software, Stock Kanban Box, which allows our clients to monitor their replenishment and consumption cycles, set alarms, apply the FIFO system, assign codes to different orders, recalculate replenishments according to average consumptions and more – in short, to fully manage their needs, ensuring that stocks never get depleted. The Kanban Box software can optionally be integrated into the ERP software of our clients, allowing to reduce the process management costs.

Systems for the automatic sale and/or delivery of consumables and hardware through vending machines

Systems for the automatic sale and/or delivery of consumables and hardware through vending machines and smart boxes. These modular systems provide real-time information about the consumptions of each item, allowing to reduce the stock management costs and to shorten the travel time of workers at the warehouse; the replenishment and the maintenance are carried out by our technicians. All this allows us to offer an all-round management ensuring our clients an increase in productivity.

Consultancy services, inspection and repair of load lifting equipment and PPE for safety at height. Design and certification of load and people lifting equipment

We fully manage any aspect related to load lifting and works at a height. Identification, tracing, inspection, analysis and verification of the current conditions of the lifting means and of the PPE for works at a height, keeping of a permanent and historic database register and reporting. Adaptation to the laws and harmonised standards – Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and PPE Directive 2004/42/CE. Its process is certified according to ISO 9001. We also provide consulting services for the design and manufacturing of custom load and people lifting equipment or the creation of the technical dossier and testing for the certification of a design or of an existing equipment.

Online digital catalogues (e-catalogues)

They allow you to make purchases and/or to refer to our Catalogue without leaving your customary work environment. PunchOut integration with the client’s software (SAP, Ariba, etc..), over 50,000 references at your disposal.We provide coverage to all our Spanish clients with direct delivery at their facilities oreven at their work sites, provided they are within the Schengen Area.

We have 12,000 m2 of modern facilities and over 45,000 product references for the industry.